Wholesale and Custom Orders

Most of this applies for wholesale and custom orders. If you're just looking for a few (less than 10) custom items, just email me at alluringelixirs@gmail.com and we can chat! I'm always open to new ideas and making something special for you and your event. However, if you are wanting wholesale pricing for items, a minimum of 20 units must be purchased. 
AlluringElixirs starts wholesale pricing at 25% discount from retail costs but can be subject to a higher discount if it's a larger order. 


AlluringElixirs does reserve the right to decline an offer for any reason.

Examples for orders that may be declined:

  • Excessive bartering - These are handmade products, I am not Amazon or Wish. It costs money to make products.
  • Using products for resale without prior consent from AlluringElixirs
  • Unrealistic time frame to have product finished or needed. Ex: Needing 50 custom bath bombs in 4 days. 

Be sure to plan ahead if you're going to be ordering a custom or wholesale order. I can try my very best to meet your deadline but I do work a regular full-time job so I am unable to create anything next day. 

Deposit: AlluringElixirs requires a nonrefundable 60% deposit for all custom and wholesale orders. The rest of the payment will be requested after the order has been fully created and ready to be shipped. Items will not be shipped until paid in full. 

Shipping Wholesale only: Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Shipping will be calculated after all designs have been created and the weight of each bomb and the box it will be shipped in can be estimated. USPS only offers $100 insurance on most boxes, additional insurance may be purchased if requested. 

Shipping Damages: AlluringElixirs is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages from the postal service. AlluringElixirs will assist with insurance claims if nesscary but is not obligated to refund or create another batch of items for customers. 

Cancellations: AlluringElixirs will accept cancellations within 24 hours of order date. As stated above, a 50% deposit is required for purchases. This deposit will be refunded ONLY if order is cancelled within 24 hours of order.


By contacting us via email for a wholesale order, you are agreeing these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to read everything listed. If you don't and still create an order, any issues you may have with these rules are will NOT matter to me and I will NOT accept any excuses. If you don't understand any of the things listed here, you are more than welcome to email me and I'll try to explain it to you.